About community orientation


What is community orientation?

Community orientation is a free of charge course, for newly arrived immigrants, to get basic knowledge about the Swedish society. The course gives you knowledge about your foundational rights and obligations, Swedish democracy and the social structure. The purpose of the course is to make it easier for newly arrived to settle down in Sweden. The course contains reflective discussions and is offered in one´ s native language or in a language that is well spoken. After finishing the course, you will receive a diploma.

Who can participate?

Community orientation is offered to immigrants newly arrived in the age of 18 to 64 years, holding an introduction plan within Arbetsförmedlingen (Swedish public employment service), or to those who are relative immigrants.

Citizens of a country within EU/EES, nationals of Switzerland, labor migrants or international students are not entitled to participate in community orientation.

To sign up for community orientation

If you are a relative immigrant, use the form below the headline “Anmäl dig här” (sign up here). For those who holds an introduction plan within Arbetsförmedlingen, an officer will help you to sign up.

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